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Linear Power Amplifier MKU PA 34350 CU

Thisnew power amplifier, which is based on LD MOS technology, ischaracterized by high linearity and best performance. The amplifiermodule is thermally very stable. Due to the high linearity, it can beused for all operating modes, like SSB, CW or DATV (digital amateurtelevision) or other digital modes. In contrast to conventional tubeamplifiers, no high voltage transformers and other dangerous componentsare needed

Thepower amplifier can also be used within professional applications likedigital video broadcast (DVB) or other communication systems usingCOFDM and digital modulation.


  • Monitor output for forward power detection (DC voltage)
  • High gain and output power
  • Milled copper case, silver plated
  • Built-in sequence control
  • Incl. hight-temperature-protection
  • Output for TX-LED
  • Output for driving an antenna relay


    Type MKU PA 34350 CU
    Frequency range 3400...3460 MHz
    Input power 1.0 W
    Maximum input power 1.2 W
    Small signal gain min. 28 dB
    Gain flatness typ. +/- 0.4 dB
    Output power P1 dB min. 300 W (CW)
    Saturation output power min. 350 W (CW), typ. 370 W (CW)
    Spurious and harmonic rejection typ. 40 dB @ 350 W
    Efficiency typ. 34% @ 350 W (CW)
    IM3 @ 100 W PEP - 40 dBc
    Input S11 typ. 10 dB
    VSWR of load 1,8 : 1
    Maximum case temperature 55°C
    Monitor output yes
    Supply voltage + 28 V
    Quiescent current typ. 4.5 A
    PTT switched to ground
    Current consumption max. 42 A
    Input connector SMA-female / 50 ohms
    Output connector N-female / 50 ohms
    Dimensions mm 152 x 190 x 38.5
    Case milled copper, silver-plated
    Weight typ. 4800 g