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Linear Power Amplifier for the 23 cm Band MKU PA 13200 A

Big power, high efficiency and best linearity are achieved by our high power amplifier for the 23cm band. In comparison to tube power amplifiers, the new LDMOS transistors need a supply of only +26 V or 28 V. High voltage transformers, waiting for the tube warm-up and retuning of the tube are the past! Safe operation is guaranteed by the internal overheat protection. The built-in sequencer can be used to control other devices like preamplifiers or coaxial relays.


  • Overheat protection
  • Built-in sequence controller
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Output for "on air" LED


    Type MKU PA 13200 A
    Frequency range 1240 ... 1300 MHz
    Input power 0.5 Watts
    IN maximum 1.0 Watts
    Output power @ 50 Ohm 200 Watts
    Saturation output power typ. 230 Watts
    Efficiency typ. 40 %
    Input S11 typ. 10 dB
    VSWR of load 1.8 : 1
    Maximum case temperature 55°C
    Monitor output Yes
    Supply voltage + 26 V
    Quiescent current typ. 4 A
    PTT switched to ground
    Current consumption max. 26 A
    Input connector SMA-female / 50 ohms
    Output connector N-female / 50 ohms
    Dimensions mm 190 x 152 x 26
    Case milled aluminium
    Weight typ. 1300 g