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Down Converter MKU LNC 57


  • Low noise converter for conversion of the 5.7 GHz amateur radio band to the SAT receiver range 1,3...1,8GHz
  • Low noise figure and high gain
  • Use of the most advanced GaAs - HEMT - FET`s
  • In-built bias „T“, for power feed up the coax cable
  • It was possible by using a „Microstrip band pass filter“ for optimum bandselection at 5,7 GHz, as well as Schottky - diode - mixer and DRO resonator to realize high frequency stablility and high dynamics range.
  • Unconditionally stable. No parasitc oscillatiors in case of poor antenna match or by using filter - diplexer at relais radio stations.


    Type MKU LNC 57
    Frequency range RF 5650...5850 MHz
    Frequency range IF 1450...1650 MHz
    Local Oscillator (LO) typ. 7.3 GHz DRO
    Frequency stability typ. 40 kHz/°C
    Noise figure @ 18 °C max. 1.0 dB
    Gain typ. 50 dB
    Supply voltage + 9...18 V DC
    Current consumption typ. 150 mA
    Input connector SMA-female / 50 ohms
    Output connector F-female / 70 ohms
    Weight typ. 120 g
    Case German silver
    Dimensions (mm) 111 x 56 x 30