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Down Converter MKU LNC 34 TM


  • Low noise converter for conversion of the 3.4 GHz amateur radio band to the SAT receiver range 1.3...1.8 GHz
  • Low noise figure and high gain
  • Use of the most advanced GaAs - HEMT - FET`s
  • In-built bias „T“, for power feed up the coax cable
  • It was possible by using a „Microstrip Filter“ for optimum bandselection at 3.4 GHz, as well as Schottky - dioden - mixer and SAW resonator to realize high frequency stablility and high dynamics range.
  • Unconditionally stable. No parasitc oscillatiors in case of poor antenna match or by using filter - diplexer at relais radio stations


    Type MKU LNC 34 TM
    Frequency range RF 3400...3475 MHz
    Frequency range IF 1563...1638 MHz
    Local Oscillator (LO) 1833 MHz SAW
    Frequency stability +/- 40 kHz
    Noise figure @ 18 °C typ. 0.9 dB
    Gain typ. 38 dB
    Supply voltage + 9...18 V DC
    Current consumption typ. 100 mA
    Input connector N-female / 50 ohms
    Output connector F-female / 70 ohms
    Weight typ. 100 g
    Case Converter mounted into water resistant case
    Dimensions (mm) 74 x 56 x 30