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Super Low Noise HEMT Amplifier MKU LNA 472 B

Our amplifier for 47 GHz uses the latest semiconductor technologies. It achieves a low noise figure and a high output power. Therefore, it can be used as a preamplifier or as a power amplifier as well. The waveguide input is directly coupled to the internal PCB for minimum losses. Due to its small meachanical dimensions, the module can be used for building very compact receive or transmit systems.


  • Low noise figure
  • Unconditionally stable - no parasitic oscillations in case of poor antenna match
  • Milled aluminium case
  • Small mechanical dimensions


    Type MKU LNA 472 B
    Center frequency 47088 MHz (47.0...47.25 GHz)
    Noise figure @ 18 °C max. 5 dB
    Gain min. 27 dB
    Saturation output power typ. 30 mW
    Maximum case temperature +55 °C
    Supply voltage 10 ... 14 V DC
    Current consumption typ. 110 mA
    Input connector Waveguide R500 / WR19 / WG24
    Output connector Waveguide R500 / WR19 / WG24
    Case milled aluminium
    Dimensions in mm 50 x 30 x 20
    Weight typ. 100 g