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Power Amplifier KU PA 2327 LD-20

With the KU PA 2327 LD-20 Kuhne electronic puts a S-BAND power amplifier for the frequency range 2300…2700 MHz on the market. This power amplifier is developed for digital applications and can be supplied with a huge voltage range of 11…26 V.
Another highlight to comparable power amplifiers is the TRUE-RMS monitor output for observing the output power. With this feature it is possible to assign the monitor voltage to a defined output power regardless of the type of modulation. With the integrated ALC (automatic level control) it is possible to adjust the output power to a desired power level. This level is kept constant over the whole frequency range.
Through the use of LDMOS-technique a high efficiency is reached. This results in lower current consumption and longer running time of battery powered systems.
Furthermore an isolator for protecting the power amplifier in case of bad VSWR and a monitor output for controlling the reflected power is implemented, as well as a protective function against polarity reversal and voltage spikes.


  • LDMOS technology
  • Isolator for protection against high VSWR
  • Over voltage protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Adjustable ALC (automatic level control)
  • True-RMS Detector output for forward detection (DC voltage)
  • Monitor output for forward and reverse power detection (DC voltage)
  • Logic ON / OFF control (ON at 5 … 14 V)


  • Digital broadcast systems (DVB-T, DVB-S)
  • COFDM systems using modulation types QPSK, QAM
  • Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS)
  • Analog transmission systems


    Type KU PA 2327 LD-20
    Frequency range 2300 ... 2700 MHz
    Input power typ. -3 ... 1.5 dBm
    max. 7 dBm (5 mW)
    Output power P1dB typ. 18 W (CW)
    Saturation power min. 21 W (CW)
    Output power COFDM typ. 4 ... 7 W
    Gain typ. 44 dB
    Gain flatness (ALC active) typ. +/- 0.5 dB
    Input return loss (S11) min. 12 dB
    Automatic level control (ALC) adjustable ALC
    Monitor output
    Forward detection Monitor output with True-RMS-Detector
    Reward detection Monitor output with diode detector
    Harmonic rejection
    @ 5 W OUTPUT min. 52 dB, min. 50 dB
    Intermodulation distortions
    IM3 @ 5 W PEP min. 43 dBc
    Supply voltage +11 ... 26 V DC
    ON voltage +5 ... 14 V DC
    VSWR protection Isolator
    Case temperature max. +55 °C
    Quiescent current
    Vcc = 12 V 1.1 A
    Vcc = 26 V 0.54 A
    Current consumption
    Supply voltage = 12 V,
    Pout = Psat
    8.7 A
    Supply voltage = 12 V,
    Pout = 5 W
    3.3 A
    Supply voltage = 26 V,
    Pout = Psat
    3.8 A
    Supply voltage = 26 V,
    Pout =5 W
    1.5 A
    Input connector SMA-female, 50 ohms
    Output connector SMA-female, 50 ohms
    Case milled aluminium
    Dimensions (mm) 178 x 59 x 20
    Weight 300 g