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Low Noise Amplifier KU LNA 682 A-BIAS

The low noise amplifier KU LNA 682 A-BIAS for 6.8 GHz provides an extra bias-T at the input as a special feature. This bias-T allows the power supply of components at the input connector, such as photo diodes or other active devices. The low noise amplifier itself can not be remote supplied via input or output connector. There is a feed-through capacitor for the supply voltage.


  • Milled aluminium case
  • Small mechanical dimensions


    Type KU LNA 682 A-BIAS
    Frequency 6800 MHz (+/- 10 MHz)
    Noise figure typ. 1 dB
    Gain typ. 26 dB
    Supply voltage +9 … 15 V DC
    Current consumption typ. 30 mA
    Bias supply 0 … 12 V, max. 200 mA
    Input connector SMA-female / 50 ohms
    Output connector SMA-female / 50 ohms
    Case milled aluminium
    Dimensions (mm) 73 x 30 x 20